Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccinations are required for my dog in order for them to stay?

We require up to date vaccinations. 

  •  ie: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella (kennel cough).

Is there an extra cost for walking my dog, playtime in the park or administering medication?

  • At present there is no extra charge for giving medication to your pet, playtime or walking your dog.

Do you accept Titers? (Titer is a laboratory test measuring the existence and level of antibodies to disease in blood)

  • Yes we do accept Titers for Rabies and Distemper/Parvo
  • Bordetella is an annual oral vaccine

Can the dogs go outside at their own free will?

  • No they cannot.
  • For safety reasons we prefer to be in control of the doggy doors.

What if my dog is allergic to vaccinations?

  • then a signed letter from your veterinarian must be presented.

Do you allow dogs that are on a raw food diet?

  • For insurance reasons and the health and welfare of all the dogs we do not allow raw for feeding or raw bones at our facility.  
  • We suggest if you do not wish to change the feeding habits of your dog to simply cook the food prior to his/her stay with us.
  • We have fridges, microwaves and freezers on site to store and reheat food if necessary.

How often is my dog let outside?

  • Do are let out at least every 2 hours during the day.  How long they are outside depends on the weather and conditions. 

What if my dog does not like the other dogs?

  • We have special suites with private outdoor kennels so they do no have to be with other dogs.

Do they have nap times?

  • They have two specific naptimes/quiet times in the morning and one in the afternoon.

My dog does not like small dogs or large dogs?

  • We do not mix little or large breed animals unless owner permission is given.
  • ie: Some small dogs do not like other small dogs, but prefer larger breed dogs
  • Owners request if we can help socialize their dogs with small or large breed dogs.  These dogs are socialized in a controlled environment with staff dogs.

Does my dog get to play with other dogs?

  • This is a social facility.  We try to find your dog a friend to go for walks in our private park or play in the arena.  
  • We try no to have more than 3 three dogs at a time playing in the play areas.
  • All dogs that go for play time in the park are socialized with the other dogs prior to their walk or playtime together.  
  • This is always done under supervision

Can we bring bedding, dishes and toys for our dogs?

  • Yes you can, but we prefer you didn’t.  Sometimes the dogs will take their toys outside with them and could be destroyed by other dogs.
  •  It is easier for us if we use our own dishes that are sanitized in our dishwasher everyday.
  • Bedding is provided and likewise is sanitized after usage.
  • We have toys for the dogs to play with and they are sanitized after each use.  

What if my dog gets sick while we are away?

  • We have very good veterinarians in both Winkler and Morden with emergency are available.
  • Every effort is taken to contact owners as soon as possible.
  • If it an emergency dogs will be taken to the clinic immediately.
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