About Us......

The barn, originally used to house four horses, had already been renovated to accommodate a group of ladies to quilt, a yearly show to showcase local quilters work and allow a variety of artists to work at their craft in the facility.  When we took over the property we hosted House Concerts for a variety of musical artists to come and perform at the barn.  Turning the main floor into an art studio for myself and a music studio for my husband in the loft.

We had always wanted to do something with animals on our acreage ever since we purchased back in 1997.  After boarding our animals at a wide variety of facilities we became aware that the facility we were wanting did not exist.   In 2010 we researched how we wanted to set up our kennel.   I took a 9 month apprenticeship in Winnipeg on dog grooming.   Upon completion of the apprenticeship we opened the doors to begin our journey.

Over the years the dogs have taught us much about who and what they are.  To assist me in this venture of learning about dogs and their care I began to read many books.  Traveled to hear the likes of Gary Wilkes  and Nicole Wilde from the U.S.A and John Rogerson from England.  Continuing to fill my dog knowledge tool kit by watching dog training videos by many different trainers. 

At one of the seminars by Mr. Rogerson he challenged us to sit in our kennels and looks out and see how we felt.  That if all you seen was another stressed out dog how do you think your dog would feel.  When we were able to create the addition to the barn we designed it quite differently.  The suites in which the dogs are housed all can view natural lighting and in most cased their own window.  Inside looking out not only  can they view the outside world but their inside world is viewing a family living room.  Furniture, Fireplace, TV’s and of course the toy box. 

McBarn Kennels now has a staff of 4:  Kennel Manager, 2 groomers and a part time bather.  Our team, continue to attend seminars on grooming, dog behaviour and care.

November of 2017 we completed the fencing in, of our very own private park to walk , exercise and entertain out guests in.   We have 2.5 acres of treed land.  This year you will see many additions to the park to encourage play, exercise and interaction with staff and guests.

All first time booking to the kennel require a Meet and Greet  (a mutually agreed date) prior to the dogs stay.  These meeting help us to begin our relationship with dog and owner. 

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